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S.A.F.E. Gun Rights Conference

June 29, 2002

CLICK for a handy printable flyer which you can hand out to friends and gun shops

This Election Cycle's S.A.F.E. Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Metrocenter at I-17 and Peoria Avenue in North Phoenix - from 2pm to 6pm Saturday, June 29th, 2002.

Any donation gets you in. Dinner is on your own at the hotel restaurant. Please RSVP so that a larger room can be obtained in time should the need become apparent.

Featured Speakers so far are:

Sheriff Richard Mack - He is now a touring speaker for GOA and will be discussing his family's upcoming battle with Maricopa County Attorney Richard Romley, as well as many other important RKBA issues that face us across the country and here in Arizona.

Jim Sharpe - Arizona's #1 morning show host on 620AM KTAR - Jim Sharpe has introduced more people to a regular dose of the importance of personal gun ownership in Arizona than anyone.

Attorney Marc Victor - A pro-freedom individual who will share his knowledge and insight on many criminal matters involving gun usage and possession. He also has current gun cases that have a great deal of potential for a lot of fun that he wants to share with all of you activists and potential activists  here in Arizona.

Ernest Hancock - A freedom fighter who will update you on his Special Action in the Arizona Supreme Court that challenges all gun laws in the State of Arizona.  602-717-5900

Rick DeStephens and Tim Weaver - Will update all of the benefits of focusing on one small city in an effort to gain respect for gun rights. This will be fun, very informative and of particular interest to those wishing to have an impact on their local municipality anywhere in the state.

The Candidates - The only candidates allowed at the podium will be those that will consent to having their color photograph taken with a black, pistol gripped, detachable magazined semi-automatic rifle,... or better :) SAFE Candidates must be willing to display their support for an uncompromising stance on the 2nd Amendment in a photograph and to a room full of gun-rights activist or it is the opinion of SAFE supporters that they can not be trusted to stand up against the pressure of a media hostile to the ownership of such defensive weapons once in office. The color photograph is going to separate the pretenders from the faithful.

Special Musical Entertainment - The Cartridge Family Band


All candidates for various offices in the State of Arizona that wish to qualify for speaking at the SAFE Conference should reply to this e-mail so that you can be slotted a spot in the program and promoted as a speaker.

The hotel understands that sidearms will be present and only asks that they remain on your person and that no commercial activity be conducted (no setting up a table for gun trading please :) and that all laws are obeyed. They should be commended for their reasonableness on this matter.

The cost will be any size donation to the Richard Mack Jr. (the Sheriff's son) and the Tim McDermott defense funds. Both cases are being defended by Marc Victor so we can expect interesting trials that we can all be involved in. I am instructed that legal defense funds are tax deductible. So please just put your donation in an envelope or just hand over some cash as you walk into the event. Should you feel moved during and/or after the event to give even more then you are encouraged to do so,... duh :)

This SAFE Conference is for our entertainment and education. I hope as many of you can make it as possible. Those from around the state that needs a room can contact the hotel at the numbers provided at the end of this post or check for a full listing of available rooms in the Phoenix area.

I encourage you all to bring a pad of paper and a pen so that important information not passed out on paper won't be lost to a non-photographic memory. I'll try to have a new SAFE web page up before the event and certainly after the event so as to publish the photos of the candidates willing to be seen with freedom's "ugly guns" as well as be a resource for the information shared at the SAFE Conference.

2532 W. Peoria Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85029

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